Name  Roweena Russell

Contact details 

Websites I manage:                  


Newcastle Women's Collective 

Role in IWNE Project        

Project Manager 

Person you should contact if you have any questions contact-us.php


Twitter @r2ph \@hiwecanhelp 

Describe your work

I am an odd collection of skills and abilities which I think suits this project to its roots.  The women we want to celebrate are a collection of women  as diverse as they are powerful. My paid work has been in drugs/harm reduction, social care, commissioning, trainig, building websites and health strategy development. Alongside that, I've always been involved in political activism which has involved running an international lesbian and gay rights organisation, and organising campaigns, conferences and events about feminism and HIV/AIDS.  The history and fabric of this region is decorated with many silent and invisible powerful women. We want to bring the foreground the inspiration they've provided. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions about how we can do that.  

What  inspires you about this project

Everything about this project inspires me. We are finally taking the space to celebrate inspirational, brilliant, stunning women. We could wait centuries for men to do this for us but why wait for men to recognise how talented, inspirational, genius,  insightful, innovative, and pure fun women really are? Let's see what we can do...!