Name: Helen Berry

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Role in the IWNE Project: Organising Committee Member


Describe your work 


I am a historian and writer, and lecture at Newcastle University, where I am Professor of British History.  I teach a wide range of subjects, including women’s history and gender history, the history of the family and sexuality.  I am also engaged in building up a more inclusive community in Newcastle through voluntary work at the Metropolitan Community Church,


The Castrato and His Wife (paperback, 2011, available on


What  inspires you about this project?

I think we need to celebrate the amazing contribution that women in our region have made – and are making - in all walks of life.  If we want girls to see that there are a whole range of possibilities out there – and inspire them to shape their own futures – we have show them what others have achieved.  Sometimes that’s about telling the stories of high-profile women and how they got to where they are, but sometimes it’s also about uncovering the hidden stories of women who are doing amazing things outside of the glare of publicity – the women who are just getting on with life and making a difference every day, often in very challenging circumstances. 

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Prof Helen Berry