Name                                 Kamala Dodd

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Role in IWNE Project        Artist

Describe your work

I am a Third year art student at Newcastle University, where I specialise in painting. I am particularly interested in engaging with my subjects, on a physical and emotional level, creating an intimate, more powerful dynamic and overall aesthetic within the painting. I am similarly interested in working with people and communities to produce student or local run exhibitions or collaboratives celebrating or displaying local art or crafts. In past exhibitions I have been able to both exhibit some of my work in addition to playing a key role in the organisation and management of the mentioned projects. (paintings on the blog!)

What  inspires you about this project

I think people need to know about these strong women and how they have contributed to the North East, and celebrating them in a creative and informative way is a powerful and universal way to do it. The exhibition has the potential, and I'm sure will, inspire young people, especially girls, by showing them what women have previously accomplished. The huge diversity and range of types of people in the generation makes it universal and able to appeal to almost everyone. The fact that we are celebrating normal women, not famous or idealised celebrities, makes their success much more accessible and I think will therefore be successful in inspiring those who come to see it. For me personally it is a fantastic opportunity to meet and observe some amazing women, learn more about managing and organising an exhibition on this scale, and ultimately paint some of my heroes! 

   Kamala Dodd